A Simple Recipe On How To Make Eggs Over Easy

By Alex Sheen
One of the most common meals in the world is eggs over easy. A lot of people will typically take it as a meal at breakfast or may choose to eat it as lunch with other foods like bacon, bread or sausages. Anyone can use the following recipe to know how to make eggs over easy.

The traditional preparation method requires you to start with a clean frying pan and a bit of oil. Canola oil is likely the best oil for this purpose given the fact that it does not have an extremely oily taste. Place the oil in the pan and make sure to cover the entire pan with the oil before starting.

Take care to ensure that the fire is set to medium low otherwise the eggs are going to burn later in the cooking process. The next step is to simply crack an egg into a bowl while taking care to avoid breaking the yolk. Once this has been accomplished, simply put the eggs into the pan.

It is important for cooks to avoid placing too many eggs into the pan at one time or else the yolks will eventually start to break. Just place one or two into a bowl and then dump these directly into the pan. Once the eggs have been placed in the pan, simply wait for about two minutes while they cook.

The hotter the pan is, the quicker the egg will begin to solidify. Personal preference will dictate how firm the egg white and egg yolk should be. At the very least, the egg needs to be firm enough to withstand the turning over stage without falling to pieces.

The hardest part with eggs over easy is with the flipping of the eggs in the pan, since this is usually where most people will generally break up their eggs’ yolks. The best way to flip the eggs in the pan will be with the use of a big spatula. This should be done very slowly and carefully too in order to avoid breaking the yolks of the eggs.

The cook will need to flip the eggs again to allow their other sides to cook up too. At that point, the heat at the bottom of the frying pan should be lowered in order to avoid burning those other sides since they were slightly cooked before. After the last flip, the cook may then leave the eggs for a while before turning the stove or cooker off.

Ultimately, this is an extremely simple recipe on how to make eggs over easy. It is easy to see that it will take less than fifteen minutes to complete this dish, given how simple it is to do. Serve these eggs with a bit of toasted bread and a cup of coffee or fresh orange juice on the side in order to enjoy an amazing breakfast or brunch.

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