Managing Wireless Costs With COPE Programs

Managing Wireless Costs With COPE Programs

By Joseph B. Kappernick

The creation of COPE (Company Owned, Personally Enabled) could be the answer for your business, if the goal is to reduce wireless spending. This program was born from the desire of being able to keep work information secure on a personal wireless device.

In a COPE program, the devices are corporate owned, so it is much easier to keep company networks and information safe. Because the company owns the devices, they can simply disconnect or wipe devices in the event of a security breach, or for any other reason. Employees also benefit from a COPE program by being able to choose the device of their choice (from an approved list) and use it both professionally and personally.

Taking all the benefits from BYOD, while having the ability to keep information secure is what COPE offers to the company. The company makes a list of approved devices for their employees to choose from. You even have to option of setting a spending limit. This gives employees the opportunity to upgrade their devices if they agree to paying any amount that goes above the set limit. Another added bonus is that companies can also set limits to usage. If the employee goes above, they are responsible for the overage fees. Setting these limits can help manage costs and prevent over spending.

The cost and security controls available to companies via COPE, could be the answer to helping manage wireless costs. Not forgetting that employees, who get to enjoy a device of their choosing and extra IT support, also win in this scenario one can see why many companies are tuning to COPE.

It is best to consult an outside wireless mobility management firm. They can help you take toll of your current usage and help explain which options are best suited for you. They also can provide your IT department with the aid needed to help in the implementation and transition of your new COPE program.

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Managing Wireless Costs With COPE Programs Managing Wireless Costs With COPE Programs

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Managing Wireless Costs With COPE Programs

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