Toys for the Small Boys

         Play, as we all know, is essential in the development of any child and without it, it may seem as if childhood is stolen. In our technological world, play has shifted from active sports and activities to playing with gadgets. There is really nothing wrong with keeping up with trends, but we must still make sure that our child is provided with the best learning experience through playing actively both indoors and outdoors.

The main goal of all parents should be to promote play without sacrificing the learning experience of their child. Through this, not only would be the comprehension of children be developed, but as well as their talents, skills and their capability to socialize with children within their age group.

Spy Goggles
Letting your children’s imagination run wild will aid you in developing their creativity. Children, especially boys, 7 years and above would truly enjoy their ‘detective experience’ through night goggles, accompanied by other spy gadgets.

Ball Games
Playing basketball is yet, another skill you might want to develop in your little boy. Given that they are enjoying this sport, actively playing with them would truly benefit your children, especially since they would be given a chance to develop their skills at an early age.

Chess Games
Always dreamt of being good at mind games, but weren’t able to develop such skill? Well, it may be too late for you, but it is never too late for your child. Mini chess sets and the likes are now available in markets worldwide, and this will truly be a good way to teach your child critical thinking. However, since your child is going through some stages, never forget to distribute tasks which they can fulfill. Many children get frustrated, and as a result, they tend to shy away from people.

Sweat it Off
There is no better way of maximizing your children’s childhood experience than to teach them how to ride a bicycle. Not only are you going to develop their sense of balance, but you are also going to let them feel the sense of community by letting them play with their neighbors.

Word Builders
Playing scrabble never gets old, especially if you join your kids in creating words. Adding in competition may also help in bringing in more thrills while playing this traditional game. This way, your children’s lexical resource would not only develop, but you would also be able to promote family bonding. Not so fond of scrabble? There are new word games available at toy stores and you can always let your children take their pick.

Mini Band Set
Your little rock star may have an early start in his career through a mini band set. Through this, your child will be exposed early in playing instruments such as guitar, piano, or even drums. This will increase his chances of being a pro in any of the instrument he decides to pursue.

Childhood should be a stage enriched with learning experiences, and the best way in aiding your children in this early stage is by accompanying them each and every step of the way.


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