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Toys for the Small Boys

         Play, as we all know, is essential in the development of any child and without it, it may seem as if childhood is stolen. In our technological world, play has shifted from active sports and activities to playing with gadgets. There is really nothing wrong with keeping up with trends, but we must still make sure that our child is provided with the best learning experience through playing actively both indoors and outdoors.

The main goal of all parents should be to promote play without sacrificing the learning experience of their child. Through this, not only would be the comprehension of children be developed, but as well as their talents, skills and their capability to socialize with children within their age group.

Spy Goggles
Letting your children’s imagination run wild will aid you in developing their creativity. Children, especially boys, 7 years and above would truly enjoy their ‘detective experience’ through night goggles, accompanied by other spy gadgets.

Ball Games
Playing basketball is yet, another skill you might want to develop in your little boy. Given that they are enjoying this sport, actively playing with them would truly benefit your children, especially since they would be given a chance to develop their skills at an early age.

Chess Games
Always dreamt of being good at mind games, but weren’t able to develop such skill? Well, it may be too late for you, but it is never too late for your child. Mini chess sets and the likes are now available in markets worldwide, and this will truly be a good way to teach your child critical thinking. However, since your child is going through some stages, never forget to distribute tasks which they can fulfill. Many children get frustrated, and as a result, they tend to shy away from people.

Sweat it Off
There is no better way of maximizing your children’s childhood experience than to teach them how to ride a bicycle. Not only are you going to develop their sense of balance, but you are also going to let them feel the sense of community by letting them play with their neighbors.

Word Builders
Playing scrabble never gets old, especially if you join your kids in creating words. Adding in competition may also help in bringing in more thrills while playing this traditional game. This way, your children’s lexical resource would not only develop, but you would also be able to promote family bonding. Not so fond of scrabble? There are new word games available at toy stores and you can always let your children take their pick.

Mini Band Set
Your little rock star may have an early start in his career through a mini band set. Through this, your child will be exposed early in playing instruments such as guitar, piano, or even drums. This will increase his chances of being a pro in any of the instrument he decides to pursue.

Childhood should be a stage enriched with learning experiences, and the best way in aiding your children in this early stage is by accompanying them each and every step of the way.


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Daughter and Dads – Do You Know the 1 Move That Could Ruin Your Father/Daughter Relationship?

         Dads, do you know the 1 move that could ruin your father/daughter relationship? Thousands of sincere and loving dads make this devastating mistake everyday. Are you one of them? Learn what this mistake is and what to do to avoid losing your daughter. Discover the answer in this thought-provoking article.

The big mistake that I am talking about here is that of moving your girlfriend to live with you and your daughter. This is no light matter. This is a HUGE decision, and should be done only after careful examination of the downsides and the possible repercussions.

4 Reasons Why You Should Think Twice About Moving In Your Girlfriend

Yeah, I know this new lady is so beautiful, sexy, and such a great conversationalist. When you walk down the street with her all eyes are on her and on you. You can’t wait to have her at home with you everyday. But wait! Don’t lose your hear over this. I invite you to think about the following 4 reasons for reconsideration:

Reason #1 – How Much Drama Are You Bringing Into Your Home? – The experience of this lady as someone who goes out with you on dates and who spends great moments can become a totally different experience once the two of you begin to live under the same roof. The drama and personality quirks that you didn’t see on a date can begin to rear its ugly head. Surprise. Surprise. Different lady now.

Reason #2 – Are You Willing to Reduce Quality-Time with Your Daughter? – You will definitely reduce the quality-time that you will be able to spend with your daughter. Things will get even more complicated if your girlfriend has kids whom you allow to move in as well. What if it is a teenage boy who is in the house with your teenage daughter! What if her teen daughter is a brat who hates your daughter?

Reason #3 – You Are Setting the Stage for Jealousy as They Compete – Two women in the house who are not directly related to each other is a tacit and definitive contest to compete for your attention. “Daddy, you spend more time now with her than with me?” And then the girlfriend complains that you don’t spend enough time with her.

Reason #4 – Girlfriends Are Transitory and Periodic – This is to say that girlfriends come, and girlfriends go. Your daughter is your daughter now and forever. I am not saying that you don’t have the right to get to know someone new and to then later remarry, but you are in effect “marrying” her into you and your daughter’s relationship precipitously.

Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before Moving Any Woman In:


  • Is my daughter comfortable with this decision? Have I discussed it with her first?
  • How long have I known this woman? A week? A month? A year?
  • Does she has kids of her own? Am I willing to accept her kids with my own?
  • Will I allow this girlfriend to discipline my daughter? Why and how much?
  • Bottom line, make sure you know whose happiness gets priority –your girlfriend or your daughter.


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Chicco Keyfit 30 Travel System – The Best In Baby Strollers!

            Looking for a good baby stroller is one thing that parents must have, yet many of us do not know what exactly we want. Ideally, a baby stroller should carry the child comfortably, be safe and steady, carry necessary items and protect the baby from the elements. While there are many baby strollers that can make that claim, very few are as durable, mobile or as well constructed as the Chicco Keyfit 30 Travel System.

What is the Chicco Keyfit 30 Travel System?

The Chicco Keyfit 30 Travel system includes both a stroller and a car safety seat. The system is designed for infants from 4 to 30 pounds and has a number of advanced features.

While it may not be the ultimate in baby strollers, this version may be as close as it gets. This durable, well crafted baby stroller has a number of impressive features that puts it at the top of the class. In this Chicco Baby Carrier review, we’ll look at some of the features that place this model and its different versions as some of the best baby strollers you can find.

1st Class Suspension: Whether you are pushing the Chicco Cortina Keyfit 30 Travel System along the sidewalk, down the street or along the grass, the sturdy suspension systems will insure that your baby rides smoothly.

One Touch Brakes: It’s as simple as one touch to keep this unit in place, thanks to this advanced system.

Well Crafted Canopy: Whether you want to protect your baby from the sun or the elements, the canopy can be adjusted to protect your tot and help them ride comfortably.

Adjustability: You can set the seat in the stroller to be in recline mode so you don’t have to constantly re-set it every time you use the stroller.

Washable Seats and Pads: It’s a snap to remove the car seat and pads to wash them separately so that they can stay fresh. This will help keep the baby happy as well since no foul odors will intrude.

Advanced Style: While this may seem the least of the concerns over which baby carriage to choose, the modern look of the Chicco Baby Carrier helps provide a bit of comfort in knowing that you have the latest, most advanced baby stroller around. Furthermore, those who see you and your child can rest assured that you have the best in baby strollers as well.

What Makes the Chicco Keyfit 30 Travel System Right for You and Your Baby

All the features in the best baby carriers are present in the Chicco Travel System. Furthermore, you get a great deal of versatility along with comfort for you baby as well.

Overall, this baby stroller and car seat system is the perfect choice for parents who want the best combination of safety and comfort for their child. The Chicco Keyfit 30 Travel System is certainly one of the best on the market today.

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